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Event Partners

The Closing the Gap on Indigenous Health Forum is an opportunity to partner for this forum and help fund the attendance of Indigenous community members from remote and underfunded organisations.

Silver Partner

Amplar Health is a group of health service providers that has been delivering care across Australia for over 30 years. At Amplar Health we’re driven by a desire to make health personal and we work collaboratively with government, businesses and not-for-profits to deliver health solutions for people across Australia. 



Communicare supports multi-disciplinary health services, primary and allied health providers, and community services throughout Australia, helping to deliver quality care across the communities they serve, no matter where they are based. 


The solution provides a comprehensive electronic health record for storing a patient’s demographics, social and family history, adverse reactions, medications, and clinical history. It provides a holistic, patient-centric view and equips you with the tools to streamline the entire patient journey, so staff can manage patients effectively. 


Communicare is part of Telstra Health, Australia’s largest provider of digital solutions and services to healthcare providers and governments across the care continuum, improving lives through digitally-enabled care for our community. 

QIAGEN is the leading global provider of Sample to Insight solutions to transform biological materials into valuable molecular insights. QIAGEN sample technologies isolate and process DNA, RNA and proteins from blood, tissue and other materials. Assay technologies make these biomolecules visible and ready for analysis. Bioinformatics software and knowledge bases interpret data to report relevant, actionable insights. Automation solutions tie these together in seamless and cost-effective molecular testing workflows. QIAGEN provides these workflows to more than 500,000 customers around the world in Molecular Diagnostics (human healthcare), Applied Testing (forensics, veterinary testing and food safety), Pharma (pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies) and Academia (life sciences research).


Thirrili is a proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled organisation and national provider of suicide postvention services and support. We work with families and communities after suicide, supporting self-determination and systems change with ways of knowing, being and doing that build community strength. Since 2017, we have been supporting families and communities impacted by suicide to develop local tailored culturally led trauma support and services, as part of healing and prevention. We work at the invitation of a community to sit beside them in their time of greatest need, always respecting cultural and community protocols.  

Interested in showcasing thought leadership and innovative solutions? 

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