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Post-Forum Workshop

Fostering constructive collaboration and partnerships between community-controlled health organisations, mainstream health organisations, and government bodies

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Johnathan Link
Advanced Mental Health Worker (Adult)
Gold Coast Health

Johnathan Link will guide you through how to improve collaboration between the community-controlled sector and the mainstream health sector in the design, delivery and implementation of health services for First Nations communities.


Regardless of which sector you belong to, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge to build beneficial partnerships that provide opportunities for upskilling and development of the First Nations health workforce, expand your organisation’s reach within communities, and improve culturally safe service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Learning Objectives: 


  • Achieve genuine collaboration in the design, delivery and implementation of health services for First Nations communities using Gold Coast Health’s First Nations Equity Strategy as a model  

  • Develop and upskill First Nations health workforces across the community controlled and mainstream sectors  

  • Understand the potential benefits and outcomes of partnerships and collaborations using the Gold Coast Men’s Wellbeing Workshop as a case study

Workshop Agenda, 7 December


Introduction and outline of workshop outcomes and learning objectives


Building partnerships between mainstream health organisations, ACCHOs and First Nations communities

  • What is co-design, what is co-implementation, and what is co-ownership?  

  • Focusing on the 'Why' - what is the end goal in establishing partnerships with First Nations organisations and communities? 

  • How to recognise if you are part of a genuinely beneficial and collaborative partnership 

  • How to approach building a partnership  


Morning Tea


Case Study: Gold Coast Health Equity Strategy

  • What is the Gold Coast Health Equity Strategy and why can it be used as a case study in genuine collaboration and partnership?  

  • How can outcomes from the Gold Coast Health Equity Strategy be replicated in other communities?  


Workforce Development

  • How can partnerships be utilised to build capacity in community controlled health organisations and upskill the Aboriginal health workforce?  

  • Identifying opportunities to expand genuine, place-based cultural awareness in mainstream health organisations through partnerships with First Nations communities in a manner that doesn't create a cultural load for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce 


Network Lunch


Case Study: Gold Coast Men's Health and Wellbeing Program

  • Identifying the Gold Coast Men's Health and Wellbeing Program as an example of how partnerships can expand the reach and impact of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations and First Nations initiatives  


Interactive Activity


Afternoon Tea


Yarning Circles: Discussing the outcomes of the workshop and applying them to your organisation and/or community


Workshop wrap up and End of Workshop

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